• 5 December 2018

The ‘contact’ phenomenon that has spread across China enabling individuals and businesses to keep communication with each other is the social media behemoth WeChat. This is now is used by 95% of Chinese for both consumer leisure interaction AND business contact. And it’s happened fast.

Those of you who have been to China on business trips will know the huge problems of trying to keep in contact with connections you have made, even while in the country and certainly when you get back home. WeChat changes all this. Almost unheard of here in the UK, WeChat is somewhat the preserve of Chinese who cannot use western social media within their own country, but only their own services. All Chinese who live and work overseas now use this platform to keep up contacts with their friends and associates the world over.

For businesses trying to develop themselves in China – this is now essential to be on. WeChat should matter to all of us going into the future because it shows what’s possible when an entire country “leapfrogs” over the PC era directly to mobile.

Anyone can download the free app and start connecting with Chinese colleagues and you can steadily develop your ‘circle’ of connections. WeChat, which translated means ‘micro letter‘ also enables companies to send out their promotional materials and advertising.

In order to publish notices about businesses and opportunities – which are not private peer-to-peer contact – it is necessary to have a ‘Public WeChat Account’. This is only available to Chinese companies. Meridian is a company registered in China which makes this possible for ourselves to run.

WeChat has taken over as the communication tool of choice and is more extensively used than emails, the use of which is slowing dramatically. Now 650 million users of all ages are on WeChat in China. This is now a ‘must have’ platform for interacting in China and you can grow a dedicated following of interested prospects and customers for your business.

Please see the information about WeChat on our webpage or contact us to be sent a presentation on ‘What WeChat can do for you in China’