• 6 April 2016

Access the huge opportunity that is China, but you have to promote yourself properly inside the country itself. Localisation is the key. This is the only way companies and their buying teams will hear, see and read about you.

With the ‘Great China firewall’ strengthening more and more to prevent China from seeing ‘western’ information, social media and websites, it is rapidly becoming essential for western companies who wish to promote their products and services into China to localise themselves properly, and embrace the Chinese technology platforms. Otherwise you will have basically no chance.

As Jeremy Gordon points out in his article in the China-Britain Business Focus magazine “Foreign companies operating in China need to…..sustainably localise their business models in order to become part of the fabric of Chinese society, and valuable corporate citizens…”. In other words, you need to show the Chinese that you are actually “there”, working with them in their country and carrying out business as they need it done and in the manner they do it.

Key actions are to communicate through WeChat, which allows you to build communities of contacts and parties interested in your products by ‘zapping’ your ‘bar code’ or QR code as it’s correctly called, which you should have on all your materials. Regarding websites, you need a Chinese version, which isn’t translating a few pages on your site in the west, but a separate website set up inside of the PRC itself. You version here will not be found.

This is nothing to do with where it is hosted, it is the way in which sites are registered. All websites here (in the west) are registered with Google, the search giant, for their optimisation purposes This creates regular visits from their ‘spiders’ and your rankings are altered up and down depending on their current regulations and recommendations as to how to improve your ranking.

In China, Google does not work effectively at all, and it is very slow when it does find information it is looking for. This is what the firewall does to incoming information and you need your site to be registered with their search colossus, BaiDu.

A website cannot be registered with both Google and BaiDu. Only one.

A fully translated version of your website, registered on BaiDu enables Chinese visitors and searchers to find you and read all about you and thereafter make contact. Having a Chinese version of your site is now imperative to put yourselves into the market there.

Without embracing the China methods of business connection, you should not even consider trying to do business there; you will simply not be seen as correct or serious by them at all.

Meridian’s Chinese company can build you a Chinese version website, register, host and optimise it, and fully manage it for you including ongoing amendments and updates.

We can also provide you an office address and telephone answering service to really position you into the country and give you a full presence there; enabling contact, communication with decision makers and responses on your behalf, all which can be handled by us for you.

Meridian can register you a QR code for use to start immediately building your connections, which rapidly becomes your best marketing tool as your contacts grow and you start sending them messages – all news going to genuinely interested parties, who also pass the connection (your code) on to others they feel would benefit from hearing and reading about you. (see our webpage How to develop your market in China)

All of this can be achieved at much lower costs than you would imagine.

Contact us for a discussion or quote for putting you properly and competitively into this enormous and rapidly growing market.