• 27 April 2018

Unsolicited mail will almost certainly hit filters or be binned by recipients in today’s business marketing climate. Email addresses are now rarely given out for public collection and even then, usually generic ones only.

Buyers of expensive data records requiring personal email addresses should have them called by an experienced lead generator in order to maximise the value to the full. Speaking to the company, even at reception level, allows you to state the reason for the contact and build enhanced information on the target including the correct contact email – which will then ‘expect’ to receive your mail. Proper ‘lead generation activity’.  You also need to request the contact to ‘whitelist’ your email address.

Remember, you only need to buy the SINGLE contact option when procuring valuable target lists, as once you have spoken to a company you have effectively set up a permanent open communication as often and by whatever means you wish.

While you might think it can be an expensive option to have the data appended by this method, Meridian are offering an introductory trial (one per client) to conduct 10 hrs of calling to the records for £199.

If clients wish to do more when they see the value of the service, then the costs per hour would increase slightly.

Your next question will probably be “how many records will that enhance over 10 hrs”, and the answer is that it depends on what you wish to develop by way of information.

Calling ‘by the hour’ allows those records not answered or briefly answered and showing no interest to be quickly passed over. Where others wish more detail and ask for information to be sent and even discussion conducted with a decision maker those calls will take longer, so less are completed but you have much more valuable data.

You may just wish for your company to be presented and an appropriate contact email taken as quick as possible before moving on. It’s up to yourself as to how you wish the records enhanced and therefore the dialogue to be handled. All additional information is written up and highlighted in your spreadsheet.

Given the increasing cost of quality data, the dramatic lack of emails available and terrible response rates, this ‘trial’ of correctly introducing your business, presenting your product or service and capturing key information by a high quality caller is well worth doing to see how your records can be hugely developed.

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