Email marketing – your subject lines probably DON’T WORK!

  • 28 October 2016

Your subject lines should be relevant, entice people to read more and indicate the value that is offered to those that choose to engage with your messages; if they do not do this then they DO NOT WORK!

There is plenty of advice around about putting the right content in your email. But before the content is looked at people need to be drawn to open, or view the content in a preview pane. So you’ve composed an email, got it to the person’s inbox; now it is time to draw them in to view your content.

Often it would seem that the art of writing a truly engaging subject line has been forgotten! Keep it short, snappy and memorable; less than fifty characters is best practice. A subject line should stand out to the recipient, this can be helped by adding symbols, capitalisation for emphasis or relevant personalisation; for example a company name or location may add relevance and meaning to the message, whereas a person’s name will not.

Numbered lists – “20 ways to improve….” “The top ten…..” nearly always help to increase open and click rates. These lists should not usually be detailed in your email but instead the recipient should be drawn into following links to landing zones or websites in order to find out the relevant top five, ten, twenty etc.

For B2B communications your company should have a clear idea of the audience targeted, the challenges that are being faced in their industry and concerns that are shared between companies that operate in the sector. Use current industry trends, demonstrate your knowledge, use your understanding of the hopes and fears of those working in the industry to generate a greater interest in your communications.
The use of negatives in the subject line often works well and mixing the format from “how to” to “do not” can be effective to increase interest.