Our China Services

China Ability

We have our own China registered company for trading in the PRC, and websites of our own and those of clients that cover the essential localisation of services into the country and within ‘the great firewall’.

Meridian specialise in providing sales and marketing services for western companies into China in two distinct areas:



The marketing, promotion & e-commerce services to China consumers, schools & our key network contacts of top British Schools and Online distance learning products.

We work on behalf of a number of carefully selected and high quality British educational institutions and distance learning providers to provide opportunities to the Chinese for:

  • British Independent Boarding Schools
  • Summer Educational Camps
  • UK Colleges and 6th Form Colleges
  • Teaching & online learning of Legal Skills for business students
  • Short Courses at Universities & Colleges
  • Online training & qualifications in Business Skills
  • Online training for English and other languages
  • Children’s online educational products

We have a classroom training and exam centre in the Continuous Education College of Shenzhen University, Guangdong Province.

Our China website for the promotion of UK education is on www.best-uk-schools.com
See our services in Education into China on International Promotion of UK Education

Business Services


We provide full marketing service solutions for companies looking to break in to the China markets. We use native language speakers and conduct the following types of projects:


  • Databases of target markets – consumer and business
  • Contact with targets through multi-channel options – Email marketing / telemarketing
  • Market research / Information capture
  • Lead generation – set up appointments and sales leads
  • Localised Chinese websites developed and digital strategies deployed, working with Chinese search engines and social media platforms

China & Asia Market Business Development


Beijing Gas Vice-President Zhao Jing Pin, Government International Trade Representative Gao Hu Cheng, UK Government Business Secretary Vince Cable and Meridian Director Brian Mclean.

  • Signed MOU Agreement in 2010 with Chinese Government and UK Business Secretary to provide marketing services to PRC companies at the new Government Summit in Beijing.
  • During 2011/2 developed full insights for market opportunities, and built distribution contacts to commence sales for a major Irish plc in FMCG for markets in the Gulf States and AsiaPacific regions.
  • From 2012 marketing and sales (e-commerce) websites built and hosted in China covering all SEO and social media marketing for European companies who have business development or sales strategies for China.
  • Built relationship with Beijing Group and Shanghai Group (Energy) in 2012 to arrange and manage their requirement for management overseas training programmes in UK.
    From early 2013 working with top UK educational institutions to provide initiatives into China through internet and digital strategies for student recruitment and online sales of distance learning.
  • During 2013 provided consultancy services to the large Energy Corporation ENN for customer relationship management projects throughout China.