UK & International Telemarketing

Relationship building is the key to any successful business. Meridian helps build those long lasting associations that will give your business the foundation and stability from which to expand and develop.
We are specialists in delivering Business Development, information capture and customer relationship management programmes.
We can help you to plan and execute your campaign, providing you with the skilled assistance of our very experienced agents.
We can often offer various options dependent on client requirements and to work within budgets.



In our delivery of outbound projects we gather information on prospective targets and decision makers by striking up an on-going dialogue in order to gain a full understanding as a foundation for capturing data and selling.

With the detailed and accurate information we provide, your sales team will be in a far greater position to convert the leads into sales. In a corporate market hardened to cold calling and pushy selling, friendly contact that builds a relationship is much more acceptable, particularly at the senior decision maker level.

For high value products and services this approach is vital as it usually takes time to find out when budgets will be available and other key influences for liaising with your prospect.

International Telemarketing


Meridian offer cost-competitive marketing solutions and can work for companies domestically or across the globe with unlimited language capability.

We fulfill projects where preference is to impress and communicate with a client’s audience in their own language. In short – “we make your voice heard worldwide”

With a growing demand for multi-lingual calling in order to explore export market opportunities, conduct investigative research or lead generation to overseas companies, we have developed our capability by using native speakers all over the world. This provides the accuracy in dialect, culture and work delivered in the same timezones to maximise the detail of information captured that is vital to the success of any international project.

We strongly believe that when covering a programme into a specific country, the use of native language speakers has a major effect on how our clients are perceived and assessed by the contacted prospects.

Massive cultural differences mean that acceptance at call reception within companies throughout the world demands that this procedure is often the only method of successfully gathering information.

While we can run projects to a number of countries from UK if that is preferred, we have an operational facility in Central Europe from where European languages and beyond can be fulfilled. Our projects for China and other countries in APAC are generally operated and managed by our team in Shanghai.