Email Marketing

We carry out Email marketing campaigns to large or small volumes of data records in order to provide you quick and low cost solutions for engaging with client or prospect groups.

The process is split into 3 parts:



The design and setting up of an email template, or header, depending on how you wish to send your mail, IE Monthly Newsletter or one off Information mail. This may only need doing once for each template, unless changes are required.

For each Email shot: Re-design of email, making sure it works correctly, building in text and amending ‘boxes’ in the template as necessary. All links to your website are then built from email. The created template is then put into HTML followed by spam checks which need to be done each time a mail is created.


The sending out of the mail to any size of database required.

Key Requirements for a successful and legal email campaign:

Sending an email today is no longer a guarantee of them being received and without tracking them you will never know how many have been delivered let alone opened. Every message must now include unsubscribe / opt-out instructions together with a valid address in order that a recipient may send a request that such communications cease.

TRACKING - Analytics & Statistics

Follow up of all activity the emails generate – who opens what, what actual emails the target company is opening, who is looking at which articles, what pages are the most popular, what is not working, how many views, new visitors, etc. These statistics and details are all provided by the tracking software.

These capabilities are what drives the understanding and your marketing follow up such as calls to the companies who are viewing you and further emails to specifically segmented databases created from industry sectors who engage with you.