UK Telemarketing


The Client – The mobile network O2
O2 – The largest network mobile provider in the UK for phones and information, with a pan-European presence. Developing a nationwide programme that enables information to be gathered on all prospective target companies and built into an extensive and developing database.

The Objective
Working with the Corporate Sales team of O2 the mobile phone network, we developed a nationwide programme that enables information to be gathered on all prospective target companies and built into an extensive and developing database.

We cover a given number of hours each week to this ongoing information development programme to pass over to O2’s in-house sales and marketing team. By this method of detailed information gathering, a variety of sales approaches can be planned. This could be in the form of seminars, invitation to events, direct mail or hospitality functions.

The Approach
By a steady flow of ongoing daily calling, Meridian has been building a concise understanding of each company’s profile, culture and objectives. With regular communication to these contacts, we can approach them in a ‘soft’ manner giving them at every stage the information that they require from the data we have assembled on their upgrading needs, end of contract dates and replacement timescales.

The Result
We gather the names of all decision makers, influencers and other key personnel in order to compile an overall picture of each company. Further to this ‘first stage’ contact, we progress to making appointments directly, and ‘Diary Manage’ or we may pass leads to the sales team to confirm their own appointments after their personal contact.

Requests by them for product information are handled daily by us and sent either electronically or through the post as required and then followed up with a call to check

“Meridian delivers a comprehensive data cleansing program, providing enhanced customer insights across a variety of areas. The work completed by Meridian has provided valuable information and enabled comprehensive marketing and sales campaigns to be executed”
– Brian Latham, Corporate Marketing, O2

The Client – The Learning and Skills Councils (LSC’s)
The LSC has been responsible for funding and planning education and training for over 16 year olds in England.

The Objective
Meridian has been significantly involved in delivering a range of specialised marketing services to a number of LSCs from 2001 and a recognised supplier to their OJEU register.

The Approach
We have covered an extensive range of major campaigns and marketing initiatives including inbound and outbound call handling; specialist market research campaigns into the youth and employer sectors; data cleansing, collection and management; extensive specialist mailings and warehouse storage. We have supported Train to Gain, Apprenticeships and school roadshows where we acted as a support arm to the LSC marketing teams to support local and national campaigns.

The Result
During our many years of support to the LSC, we have been targeted with helping over 10,000 businesses to find apprentices in a range of sectors including manufacturing, engineering, childcare, IT and plumbing and in assisting over 12,000 businesses to engage in Train to Gain. We also helped to achieve LSC local targets which were instrumental in helping towards crucial national targets.

The Client – Business Enterprise – Business Link Brand
BENE has been responsible for providing information, advice and support for starting, maintaining and growing a business. They provided information and advice to help customers make the most of their opportunities and fast-track customers to the expert help they need.

The Objective
Meridian supplied telemarketing services to support Business Link’s regional marketing campaigns, to engage businesses into using their portfolio of services. This involved targeting specific industry sectors with a key skills / environmental / IT message and then contacting business decision-makers by telephone to offer help and assistance across a wide range of the Business Link portfolio of services.

The Approach
Our two key tasks were to: 1. Engage with Business Link established business prospect market to arrange advisor appointments and generate leads for the information service. 2. Re-engagement of the existing established business (lapsed users) customers of Business Link to promote current services.

The Result
We worked on very tight deadlines to generate over 2000 requests from businesses for further information on Business Link services. We had 10 working days to achieve these results, to mirror Business Link’s own monthly targets and for 6 months we achieved every target we were set.

The Client – Volvo (UK)
Volvo is one of the leading motor manufacturers, distributing via dealerships throughout the UK. The Volvo values are to provide innovative technology and design to deliver a quality product which considers the environment and produces some of the safest cars in the world.

The Objective
Meridian were tasked with driving existing or past Volvo owners into their local Volvo dealership, to test drive a range of new cars which had been pre-registered and needed to be sold by the dealers, within a 10 day window.

The Approach
We worked on the customer databases and concentrated on those drivers who had purchased a Volvo car at least a year earlier. The sales offer was extremely attractive, offering a range of models with lots of extras and genuine cost savings against new car prices.

We booked potential buyers for an appointment at their nearest showroom, ensuring that the timescale was able to meet with getting the vehicles sold and registered by the target date.

The Result
The campaign generated more sales in 10 days than the previous month’s advertising campaign had achieved, at a fraction of the cost. Volvo viewed it as the best sales campaign they had ever done and followed this up with a further six campaigns over a six month period.
The Client
A major Primary Care Trust based in the South of England, covering one of the UK’s most densely populated urban conurbations.

The Objective
In partnership with their regular marketing agency, the PCT devised an innovative new approach to help patients living with diabetes manage their condition on a day to day basis. Part of this campaign involved a pioneering approach of contacting patients at home by phone to offer an educational self-management course of their choice. Calling also needed to be undertaken in both English and Sylheti Bengali to reflect the diverse ethnic mix of the target audience.

The Approach
With no experience of running a complex telemarketing campaign, the PCT’s regular marketing agency outsourced this segment of the work. Meridian was engaged at short notice to undertake and devise a complex patient contact strategy contacting 11,140 patients and offering a range of courses spread over three months and 41 locations. Additionally, calling had to be undertaken in a sensitive manner taking into account many individual circumstances. Meridian supplied a team capable of fulfilling all language requirements capable of completing the booking task, and worked with all stakeholders to ensure the systems and process evolved as the nature of the campaign progressed.

The Result
All deliverable targets were exceeded, with over 7,000 appointments being booked via telemarketing, direct marketing, and follow up calling campaigns. Regular feedback was provided to the client allowing transparency of the overall bookings progress. Additionally, regular meetings dealt with constant challenging operational issues, ensuring that all stakeholders were kept informed of progress to ensure ultimate delivery of a successful project.