International Telemarketing

Lead Generation and Information capture in Overseas Markets


The Client – SunGard
SunGard is one of the world’s leading software and IT services companies. SunGard serves more than 25,000 customers in more than 70 countries, including the world’s 25 largest financial services companies. They provide software and processing solutions for financial services, higher education and the public sector. SunGard also provides disaster recovery services, managed IT services, information availability consulting services and business continuity management software.

The Objective
SunGard’s global presence means that they have contacts in all areas of the world. To ensure all their prospect data was as fresh as possible with key contacts detail to be captured and updated. They needed a company which would allow them to streamline all international telemarketing activity.

The Solution
Our worldwide presence and unique ability to offer experienced high calibre call operators throughout the world, speaking in their native languages has enabled SunGard to reach senior decision-makers in their own country. This was done in the same timezone, culture and dialect where their targets. Meridian’s solution has enabled SunGard to simplify its international telemarketing strategy. We were able to approach high level organisations and contacts in a professional way, capturing all information required.

The Result
Meridian’s ability to offer a flexible telemarketing service has provided support to SunGard’s key segments. We have been able to react to country specific requests quickly and efficiently ensuring that all objectives are reached within given timescales. To date we have conducted projects into the USA, China and European countries providing SunGard with an effective telemarketing solution.

The Client
A west coast USA headquartered company specialising in sophisticated technology systems for large companies.

The Objective
When the clients’ business objectives began to focus on Europe, they contacted us as they required to have a team of lead generators work simultaneously into five European countries, until they got their own in-house team of callers developed. The campaign was to contact senior decision makers in very large organisations within Germany, Scandinavia, UK, Netherlands and France. Initial informative approaches were to be conducted followed by appointments to be arranged, thereafter passing through prospect detail to the client for confirmation and arranging best time for diarising, since they necessitated extensive travel throughout Europe.

The Approach
We assembled a team of highly experienced lead generating callers in our Central European base, where an in-depth and lengthy training process in the products was undertaken. Ongoing training was conducted regularly by the client team who came out from England. All information captured was held on the CRM system with leads and appointments passed to the client for their in-country sales representatives to follow up.

The Result
A number of good quality appointments and leads were generated for the client over the project period of six months. This campaign had successfully set up the start of their European office and their commencement of their lead generation in-house.

International Telemarketing Surveys for Data Capture

The Client
A USA based contract research organisation (CRO) that provides expertise in clinical trial development, management, and post approval services.

The Objective
Working on behalf of major pharmaceutical companies, the client has for many years conducted field-testing of vaccinations within the USA. For this project they were required to conduct field tests in Europe with patients (consumers). This was done through a number of clinics within Finland and Poland needing native languages to be used.

The Approach
From our base in Central Europe, we developed, trained, managed and spoke to patients each month for a period of six months. We delivered back regular reporting. We had two groups of native speakers of Finnish and Polish carry out a non-stop dialogue with patients within these countries whose ages ran across all brackets.

The Result
Over a six month period, Meridian captured all information required from this massive consumer group. A successful project resulting in the client working with ourselves again for a further world language requirement project.

Worldwide Language Projects in Data Capture & Validation


The Client – Harris Interactive
Harris Interactive are a multi-award winning worldwide leader in Research across a range of industries, with global bases.

The Objective
A database of over 75,000 companies worldwide needed to be updated and validated with decision maker contact information. This list covered companies in over 40 countries, including some very small states with minority languages.

The Approach
Working from our own bases and that of a number of global strategic partner alliances, we called all companies in their native languages to gain the most informed and accurate information possible.

The Result
A very large percentage of the database was completed and in the words of our client we ‘over-achieved’ in their expectation of information delivered.

“We used Meridian for a worldwide data capture project that had extensive language requirements. They delivered above our expectations on both quality and accuracy, plus a service with a smile is always a differentiating factor”
– Phil Brooks, Senior Research Manager, Harris Interactive

International telemarketing – delegate population at seminars worldwide

The Client – PennWell
PennWell Corporation (USA) is a highly diversified media company providing print and on-line publications, conferences and exhibitions and information products to strategic global markets. They are a Business 2 Business media company whose products serve as a lens to the world – taking to market products where decision-makers look first to see what happens next in the industry sectors they lead in.

The Objective
PennWell’s conferences and exhibitions are the fastest growing of PennWell’s b2b community products, producing events of all sizes, from advanced technology conference and forums, to the largest power and fire exhibitions in the world. These events span the globe and are held on virtually every continent. Through various sources of communication, PennWell’s aim is to populate all of their events with delegates from countries throughout the world. PennWell themselves do not have the resources or language capability to speak to potential delegates. This is where Meridian is utilised.

The Approach
Our unique ability to offer experienced call operators throughout the world, speaking in their native languages, has enabled PennWell to reach senior decision-makers in their own country, in the same time zone, culture and dialect. Meridian’s solution has enabled PennWell to contact potential delegates in areas that would have otherwise been unreachable. We are able to talk with contacts in a professional way on behalf of the client, following up requests for e-mails when required so that all show information and registration details are passed on quickly and easily. This personable, direct method of telemarketing into countries worldwide ensures that the sales message is transferred quickly, effectively and in a non-threatening manner.

The Result
Meridian’s ability to offer a flexible telemarketing service which accompanies PennWell’s existing communications has acted as a useful support to Pennwell’s existing marketing initiatives. Meridian have been supporting PennWell’s worldwide events for many years to date and have been instrumental in populating events throughout the Middle East, Germany, Italy, Russia, France, Spain and others, to increase delegate numbers and footfall figures year on year.

“PennWell Corporation has worked with Meridian Marketing for a considerable number of years as they always deliver – on time, to specification and within budget. Their ability to match the brief and produce accurate and comprehensive telemarketing, desk research and database development is second-to-none. We fully endorse Meridian for their highly professional conduct and ability to tackle any project, whether it be field research or gathering data within complex and specific markets and regions.

Meridian always delivers outstanding results which is the reason for our longstanding business relationship”
- Sue McDermott, Marketing Manager, PennWell Corporation (World leader in Media for Strategic Markets Worldwide)