About Us




Meridian was established in 1998 to provide marketing support services and direct contact projects for SME’s in the UK. Within three years Meridian was working for many national major blue chip businesses and Public Sector agencies. By 2004 Meridian had evolved into an international marketing agency and had won both national and overseas tenders to provide services in data capture, research, lead generation, senior level key contact and information gathering, direct sales, business development, delegate population and general marketing consultancy to support such businesses as UK Trade & Investment, Harris Interactive (for global data building) and Think London (for lead generation in China for Inward Investment opportunities). By 2008 Meridian was working extensively into international markets particularly China, and had delivered projects for such as the Financial Times into various Asia Pacific countries.

In our international programmes we work with companies who are looking for market entry and overseas expansion where we provide the appropriate services for global reach, and can deploy personnel in several countries to assist on the ground. As well as having our own team in both UK and China we also work with carefully selected strategic alliances for marketing service supply worldwide.

We are an award-winning international marketing agency providing a presence worldwide for international clients and service provision:

  • Develop initiatives using strategic marketing functionality to win business for clients.
  • Brand building and Email marketing for clients.
  • Develop full inside sales capability for client projects.
  • Strategic contact programmes for data capture, research and lead generation.
  • Use native speakers on international calling programmes for correct culture and time zones.
  • Database provision for targeting businesses in many countries.
  • Provide marketing strategy and execution for all forms of direct marketing and business development.
  • Build e-commerce sites in China for digital marketing, product and services promotion, sales of education, distance learning and associated products.